The Indian REITs Association (‘IRA’), is a non-profit trade organisation formed under the guidance of the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) and Ministry of Finance, committed to advancing the growth and development of the Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) sector in India.

IRA will closely collaborate with SEBI, the primary REIT regulator, to advocate for both business and investor interests while adhering to regulations. The IRA aims to be a body of integrity and excellence, and foster industry best practices that are benchmarked to leading global REIT standards.

Our Purpose

To enhance and develop the REIT market in India by maintaining highest standards of professionalism and governance, and to protect and promote the interests of the REITs and its unitholders.

Our Objectives


Enhance and Develop REIT Market in India:

  • To deepen the capital markets (both equity and debt) which can facilitate growth of REITs in India
  • To strengthen the operating environment to attract investments and make the REITs market competitive
  • To promote and enhance the policy and regulatory environment for Indian REIT market by engaging with the regulators, policy makers and other agencies


Market Growth through Governance and Best Practices

  • Develop standards that imbibe international best practices to gain prominence in global capital markets
  • To recommend and promote best business practices and governance standards
  • Improve transparency
  • Facilitate and encourage dissemination of information, data, research and knowledge to increase governance and professional standards


Increase Stakeholder awareness and engagement

  • To undertake investor awareness programs to promote better understanding of REITs amongst all stakeholders.
  • To encourage knowledge sharing
  • Facilitate & encourage understanding on REITs through quality research studies, whitepapers, etc.
  • Introduce programs, courses and workshops for its members and other stakeholders to improve understanding of REITs

Indian REITs

The Indian REIT market continues to evolve since the listing of the first REIT in April 2019


Listed REITs in India

113.5 msf

Across India's Top Commercial & Retail Markets

80,000 crs+

Market Capitalization

14,300 crs+

Distributed more the Entire Nifty Reality Index Combined


Credit Ratings

130,000 crs+

Gross AUM

2 lakh+


25,500 crs+

Total Equity Raised since Listing


Included in Multiple Global Equity Indices

Source: Market capitalization based on the closing price on NSE as on Feb 29, 2024. All other data based on the latest available results (Q3 FY2024) and filings on respective REIT websites.

Notes: (1) Refers to total area (under construction, development potential and completed area) held by the 4 listed Indian REITs as of Q3 FY2024 disclosures

Founding Members

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