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Metric Units Embassy Office Parks REIT Mindspace Business Parks REIT Brookfield India Real Estate Trust Nexus Select Trust Total
Total Portfolio (Commercial / Retail / Hospitality)Msf/ Keys/ MW45.4 msf / 100 MW / 1,614 hotel keys 33.1M sf25.4M sf9.9M sf (Retail)
1.3M sf (Office)
354 Keys Hotel 15 MW
105.2M sf (Office) 9.9M sf (Retail)
1,968 hotel keys
115 MW
Gross Asset Value (As of Sep’23)INR million526,514 287,707284,878243,5321,342,631
Market Capitalization:
Total Market Cap (As of 16th Feb’24)INR million348,740201,600112,063195,450857,853
Free Float Market Cap (As of 16th Feb’24)INR million321,93273,60462,862111,045569,443
FPI-held Market Cap INR million141,04839,61410,5708,658199,890
Cumulative Equity Raised by REITs during IPOINR million47,50045,00038,00032,000162,500
Cumulative Equity Raised by REITs since IPOINR million59,999 -36,554-96,553
Cumulative Equity Raised by REITs (sum of above 2 points)INR million107,49945,00074,55432,000259,053
Debt (excluding shareholder debt):
Listed Debt Raised since IPO (At REIT/SPV level) INR million166,95048,400-10,000225,350
Debt Raised through Unlisted Instruments since IPO INR million122,302 36,566114,77022,000295,638
Cumulative Debt Raised since IPO (sum of above 2 points)INR million289,252 84,966114,77032,000520,988
Total Unitholders#90,000+ 60,43844,83834,570230,000+
Total Distributions since listingINR million93,66136,49219,2857,551156,989